2023 the Best Fat Tire E-bike for Mountain

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Fat tire electric bikes, due to their ability to equally perform on roads and mountains are becoming very popular.These modern bikes promise a good bike ride experience on all kinds of tracks. Those Fat tires will do their job anytime, anywhere!  Busy streets, snow, mountains, or deserts, no matter where you go, our fat tire electric bikes will not let you down.


We have all kinds of fat tire e-bikes. These comparatively thicker tires than regular bikes provide extra road grip. The extra width offers them the flexibility to traverse on different surfaces. Fat tires perform well on different terrains, whether it’s a snowy patch, grassy field, or desert dune.


Moreover, fat-tire makes it the perfect choice for off-road adventures. These multi-purpose e-bikes are versatile and allow rides in different weather conditions. They are ideal for hunters, adventurers, and anglers as they offer improved balance.


The qualities make fat tire e-bikes a modern solution for riders of all age groups. Because of the increasing trend of fat bikes, various options are available.


These fat tire electric bikes runs on a 750.0W Upgraded Brushless Geared Mid Motor or Hub Motor. So you can easily manage to ride on hills or rough terrains. For the brand, you can choose BAFANG, SHENGYI, MOTINOVA or AQL.


An efficient battery time not only improves the performance but takes the charging hassle off your shoulders. Our fat tire electric bikes are powered with a 48V 20Ah LG/EVE Lithium Battery. 21700 battery cell or 18650 battery cell for your choice.


It is accompanied by a 3.0A smart charger and takes 7 hours until fully charged. When it’s fully charged, it can run up to 60 miles on electric power and go to more than 80 miles with pedal assistance.



TERTRO Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The powerful hydraulic disc brakes are excellent. It comes with 180mm rotors. You can stop your bike immediately with this brake system. The short braking distance gives the rider more control over the bike. Moreover, these brakes have easy maintenance.


It can comes with a 8/9/10/11-speed gear system. This advanced system allows you to switch swiftly from one gear to another. This feature also enables you to have a better grip on your bike.

Built-In Frame Controller

Our bikes have a built-in frame controller, which can reduce 95% chances of mechanical failure in extreme weather conditions. So, you do not have to worry about any track, whether it is snowy or rough. Moreover, it has a waterproof body, so it’s your friend on rainy days as well.



The frames are made from 6061 aluminum, making this ride suitable for off-road conditions and offering the required stability. Even if you are tall, like 6’4, you can ride this bike easily. By the way, if you are more interested in carbon fiber bike frame, we also can do that!



Those fat tires add to the performance of the bike. AQL ebikes contains the best quality tires. These are all-terrain fat tires with 26×4.0 KENDA/CST dimensions.


These tires offer upgraded grip and skid resistance ability. The unique tread pattern is tested for riding in extremely wet and slippery conditions. You can ride the bike on almost all tracks such as mountains, beaches, sand, forest, and it won’t get stuck anywhere.


The bikes come with custom up-gradation options. You can upgrade the tires from 4” to 4.8”.Thanks to the additional fork spacing option, which helps you gain control of the rocks and bumps throughout the ride.



If you like adventure and want to buy an electric bike, our electric terrain bikes are worth consideration. You can ride these bikes across any surface. The performance on roads and off-road is equally impressive. The premium quality material, comfortable saddle, perfect height, and remarkable design with matte finish make this bike ideal.