Mid-Drive And Hub-Drive Electric Bike for 2023

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When it comes to buying electric bicycles, there are a lot of choices to make. From the color to the style and size, there are a number of factors that can impact just how well your bike fits you and your lifestyle. One of the most important things, however, is something many people don’t think about—the bike’s motor



Why the Motor Matters 


The motor is the heart of an e-bike. It’s what differentiates electric bikes from traditional bikes. While you get all the flexibility and active energy of a regular ride, motor-powered pedal assist means you can choose how hard you want to pedal at any given time. In some cases, you can even choose not to pedal at all and coast your way to your destination.


All electric bike motors aren’t the same, however. They generally fall into two main categories—mid-drive motors and hub-drive motors.


So, which makes for the best e-bike motor? That depends on where you want to go and how you want to get there.


Electric Bike Mid-Drive Motors vs. Hub-Drive Motors: What’s the difference? 


The biggest difference between electric bike mid-drive motors and hub-drive motors is where on the bike they’re located. Hub-drive motors are located in the center of the bike’s front or rear wheel, while mid-drive motors live in the center of the bike, concealed within the bottom bracket. This difference in location impacts the feel and performance of an electric bike.   


In general, hub-drive motors tend to be less complicated and less expensive than mid-drive motors. They’re great for handling city street sand everyday commutes and can cover lots of miles at higher speeds. A mid-drive motor, on the other hand, provides a ride that feels the most like a traditional bike along with power and performance.


About the AQL Hub-Drive Electric Bike 

As powerful and adventure-ready as it may be, the AQL-CROSSOVER like all our bikes—is also built for comfort, ease and enjoyment—the best of all worlds for those who want a little extra action in their lives but aren’t chasing any extreme dreams. It comes with a stellar lineup of standard, high-quality features that make it comfortable, easy and fun to ride.


This is a motorcycle inspired high performance off -road crossover electric bicycle, looks like a cruiser. Still using the design of the integrated down tube battery, it's built around a sturdy 6061 aluminum alloy frame.


About the AQL Mid-Drive Electric Bike 

The AQL29JK has a sleek high-quality lithium-ion battery integrated with the down tube. This modern design combines impressive mileage, performance, a long lifetime and low weight with an ergonomic design and simple handling.


 Spend a day among nature with the nice bike. You can easily access and remove the battery, which is housed in the frame, to make changing and charging more straightforward.