Electric Cargo Bike For Delivery Or Family

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Cargo e-bikes are an excellent option for those who need to carry heavier loads but still want the convenience and sustainability of an e-bike. With their sturdy frames and powerful electric motors, electric cargo bikes can carry up to 450 pounds of cargo, making them ideal for grocery runs, deliveries and small passengers.




A cargo electric bike is an ebike that’s designed to carry cargo! Whether it’s your precious cargo , small cargo like groceries or packages, or larger, heavier, more spacious cargo. A cargo ebike, sometimes also referred to as a ‘family ebike’ or ‘utility ebike’, features an elongated frame with an oftentimes higher payload capacity than a traditional ebike specifically designed to withhold carrying all that a rider needs.


What is an Electric Cargo Bike?


A cargo e-bike is a type of electric bicycle designed for transporting goods and cargo. Unlike traditional e-bikes, cargo e-bikes have a longer wheelbase and a durable frame that can support heavy loads, making them perfect for hauling cargo like packages and groceries or transporting children.


Cargo e-bikes often have a large platform or basket at the front or rear of the bike for carrying cargo items. These bikes are typically heavier and slower than other e-bikes, but they offer a practical and eco-friendly alternative to cars for short-distance transportation.




How we picked these electric cargo bikes

With such a wide array of options for cargo e-bikes nowadays we understand it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which is the best electric cargo bike for you.


There are several features to consider when looking for an electric cargo bike. These include the weight of the cargo bike, its motor power and battery life and the frame's durability and design.



Load capacity


One essential feature of a cargo e-bike is its load capacity. Look for a bike that can handle the weight of your cargo, typically up to 450 points, without compromising safety and stability.


Motor power and battery life


The bike’s motor power and battery life will determine how far and how fast you can go. Look for a bike with a powerful motor of at least 350W to 750W and a long-lasting battery at 500Wh to ensure you can reach your destination without recharging.


Frame and build quality


A sturdy and well-built frame is important for carrying heavy loads and ensuring the bike is stable and safe. Look for a high-quality bike made from aluminum or steel and a strong frame design.




Good brakes are essential for safety, especially when carrying heavy cargo. Look for a bike with reliable and responsive hydraulic disc brakes that can handle the weight of the cargo.


Cargo features


Cargo e-bikes come with various cargo features, such as baskets, racks and panniers. Consider which cargo features are necessary for your intended use and choose a bike with those features.




All in all, AQL has many cargo electric bike frames with fashionable appearance and high performance. Some models can be installed dual batteries for longer distances.


Our factory can according to customers inquiries to customize their own style cargo ebike. Please contact us get more details.