About Carbon Fiber Frame: Something You Need To Know

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Since carbon fiber essentially took over the performance cycling world nearly two decades ago, the bike industry has continued to crank out ever-lighter, stiffer, and more impressive designs. Here are something about carbon fiber frame you need to know.


Carbon fiber is a great bike material,  it’s stiffer at lower weight than almost any other material we know of. A good carbon-fiber frame has a blend of carbon fibers of different types.The ultimate and the most innovative e-bike frame material that currently exists among the frame-making industries.


Is the carbon frames good?

Carbon fiber is made of PAN fiber.The PAN fiber will be heated to a very high temperature, and the non-carbon materials in the fiber will be burned out, leaving only a series of very thin long fibers. The more fully processed, the greater the rigidity of the material. Therefore, the carbon bike frame has excellent characteristics, both in terms of hardness and weight, the carbon fiber frame is one of the best. The carbon bike frame has better stiffness and toughness than steel and aluminum frames, which is lighter to make you ride comfortable.


How to clean carbon bike frame

Carbon bike frame uses high-carbon materials with smooth surface and good waterproof performance. Therefore, mild soap and water are the best cleaning agents for a carbon fibre composite bike frame. Do not use any corrosive, acid-base solvents.


Pros of a carbon fibre bike frame

  • Excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio

  • Highly adaptable

  • Can be moulded into aerodynamic tube shapes


Cons of a carbon fibre bike frame

  • Expensive

  • Prone to wear and crash damage


AQL Carbon Frame Model


This is a full suspension carbon fiber MTB frame, which is a combination of suspension, stiffness, and lightweight.


1. Full suspension carbon 29er mountain bike frame.

2. Compact rear triangle with shock absorb chain stay.

3. Cable Type: Internal Routing for the brake line, rear & front derailleur, dropper post.



This is a 29” with BAFANG mid motor MTB frame. Carbon hardtail mountain bike frame is perfect for beginners, who want to ride off road without suspension requirements. A carbon MTB frame could help on the weight and stiffness of the bike, and that’s the key for biking.