Best Electric Bikes for Seniors: Step-Through Electric Bike

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No matter what your age is, cycling should be a pastime that is inclusive for everyone.

If you’re a senior who is eager to start cycling, step through electric bike can make for an ideal transportation choice and get you back out exploring with the family,allowing you to easily mount and dismount without the added stress and possibility of injuring yourself.


While this style was once considered a favourable option only for women, men are also taking to these comfortably designed bikes in recent times for a seamless riding experience. 

Step Through Electric Bikes

Step through bike also called Dutch style bikes, are known for their upright riding position, taller frames, lower tube and a lack of a crossbar, meaning riders are able to swing their legs over and “step through” with ease. Featuring broader and softer saddles, the ‘sit-up’ style of these innovative types of E-Bikes also allows riders to maintain a natural posture rather than being hunched over.

Alongside pedal assistance and improved comfort, sitting upright while cycling can be a safer option for seniors, as it can provide greater visibility into the distance, for example over traffic.


Step through electric bikes also include practical features such as a safety chain cover and robust mud guards to prevent clothes becoming stuck and to minimise the chance of splash backs while riding.

Not to be confused with just a ladies bike, step through electric bikes can be easily and fashionably ridden by both men and women.




Benefits of Step Through Bikes:


Strong and secure: Step through electric bikes are a safe and reliable choice for seniors or those with medical or mobility problems, offering support, ease, as well as enjoyment.


Customisable range: No need to worry about running out of charge - our three choices of battery size allows you to customise your range to your work commute or your favourite cycle track around your city!


Offers a low impact form of exercise: Electric step through bikes offer the opportunity for riders of all ages and many abilities to enhance both their fitness and wellbeing. The extra boost of power from eBike step through motors also gives riders the self-assurance to take on more strenuous routes such as hilly inclines.


Inexpensive maintenance: Most step through bikes feature strong tyres and their components are largely covered and protected from the elements.


Freedom of cycling attire: Due to their safety features, most step through bikes do not require you to wear heavy cycling gear.