Things You Must Consider For Customize Electric Bike

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People are shifting towards electric bikes for several reasons ranging from environmental concerns to economic commute and personal entertainment. But as they opt for these ebikes, they want them to be as easy to use as a car. It is the primary reason interest in the customize electric bike is increasing. People want to carry their groceries, tag their kids or pet along, so on. To meet these personalized requirements, they turn to get customization. It seems fun and exciting, but you need to do your homework before you decide to hop on the bandwagon.

What exactly do people get customized?

For our customers, some are overseas bicycle assembly factories and some are electric bike business traders. Different customers have different target markets, so the demand for bicycle modeling is different. Customized electric bikes are very important to help customers find the most suitable products.



Frame is the soul of bicycle. Different people have different preferences for different frames. We can provide customized products of frame according to the needs of customers. 

From the material of the frame, such as aluminum alloy or carbon fiber, to the shape of the frame, such as mountain e-bike, commuter e-bike and competitive e-bike.Customers can provide interested models, and we have professional engineers who can design according to customers' needs, and can complete the design of drawings within one week at the earliest.


At present, the frame models we released are very fashionable and sell well in the market. Meet the different requirements of different groups.

Next, I will introduce our products in detail.

Some E-Bike Frame Models

 Carbon Fibre Bike Frame

Carbon bike frame uses high-carbon materials with smooth surface and good waterproof performance. The carbon bike frame has better stiffness and toughness than steel and aluminum frames, which is lighter to make you ride comfortable.




This is a 29” with BAFANG mid motor MTB frame. Carbon hardtail mountain bike frame is perfect for beginners, who want to ride off road without suspension requirements. A carbon MTB frame could help on the weight and stiffness of the bike, and that’s the key for biking.



AL Folding E-Bike Frame

Folding e-bikes save space and minimize the worry level of parking. Unlike vehicles of considerable size, you can put your bike in the trunk of your car or any corner.The ability to fold an e-bike makes it easy to use. You can fold it while traveling or while on vacation. With the compact size, you can move the folding e-bike around quickly.You can easily transport your e-bike by folding it into vehicles, buses, or public transports, making them the best option for cycling.





Electric Mountain Bike Frame

eMTBs are equipped with a battery and motor system that provides pedal-assist power. This means the motor only activates when the rider is pedaling and stops as soon as they stop or reach a definite speed. This feature allows the rider to cover more distance and climb steeper hills with less effort than a traditional mountain bike.





Where Can You Get These customizations?


You can contact us directly. We are very professional in this field. Whether it is the choice of frame, motor and battery, we have a professional team to serve you.