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Cycling or biking is a popular activity among many individuals and an efficient way to reach your destination; whether you’re going to the Town Mart for shopping or going on a trail, cycling is the best way to get to your destination fast while maintaining your health.With the coming of the new year, we launched several new products. To better serve our customers, we work closely with our department engineers to design and provide the nice looking and high quality ebikes and bike frames with electric system.


Frame is the soul of bicycle. Different people have different preferences for different frames. We can provide customized products of frame according to the needs of customers. The frame doesn’t look like typical electric bike. Batteries that are integrated into the down tube are increasingly being used to keep an e-Bike looking stealthy so they blend in better. 


Like down tube batteries, this battery’s location advantages include better handing because the bike will handle most naturally the closer the battery is to the cranks where the pedals are. This location can also be used on step through designs – allowing easier entry at the same time having ideal weight distribution.


This is a full suspension electric mountain bicycle. The MUS-380RW was born wild, new rugged frame design will take you through any tough terrain with ease, and its larger capacity battery will let you explore farther. Not only powerful but also comfortable. Its rear air suspension will soak up any bumps in your path.




The Step-through frame was originally designed to facilitate women wearing skirts. However, the evolution of this structure makes electric bikes versatile for use  by all ages and genders and makes e-bike riding a truly unrestricted sport.


Because the design of this frame removes  the front crossbar, it can be easier to get on and off the bike. So, this also offers a good  transportation option for some riders with limited mobility.


The HM-RH-370F Step-Thru is an upgrade. The step-through design supports your body by allowing you to ride more upright. Riding an electric bicycle must be a comfortable experience, whether you are  traveling to shop at the supermarket or riding in the wild. The step-through frame is designed to help you enjoy long rides in a comfortable sitting position.