Latest 2024 Electric Bike Models

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If you like adventure and want to buy an electric bike, our electric bikes are worth consideration. There are some latest 2024 new electric models as follow.

Dual Battery Electric Bikes



Dual battery e-bikes are more flexible. Riders have the option to use one battery at a time. This gives more versatility in managing power levels and extending the overall lifespan of the battery.  


With two batteries working together, these bikes can cover greater distances without needing frequent recharging. This feature is particularly beneficial for riders who often travel long distances or require extended commuting capabilities.


For riders who use their e-bikes often for tasks like cargo transportation or commercial purposes, dual battery e-bikes offer the necessary power and endurance to manage heavier loads and frequent use.


Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bicycle



This is a full suspension electric mountain bicycle. The MUS-380RW was born wild, new rugged frame design will take you through any tough terrain with ease, and its larger capacity battery will let you explore farther. Not only powerful but also comfortable. Its rear air suspension will soak up any bumps in your path.


Carbon Fibre Electric Bike

Carbon bike frame uses high-carbon materials with smooth surface and good waterproof performance. The carbon bike frame has better stiffness and toughness than steel and aluminum frames, which is lighter to make you ride comfortable.


This is a 29” with BAFANG mid motor MTB frame. Carbon hardtail mountain bike frame is perfect for beginners, who want to ride off road without suspension requirements. A carbon MTB frame could help on the weight and stiffness of the bike, and that’s the key for biking.




Electric Cargo Bike 

Cargo e-bikes often have a large platform or basket at the front or rear of the bike for carrying cargo items. These bikes are typically heavier and slower than other e-bikes, but they offer a practical and eco-friendly alternative to cars for short-distance transportation.


One essential feature of a cargo e-bike is its load capacity. Look for a bike that can handle the weight of your cargo, typically up to 450 points, without compromising safety and stability.