2024 Best Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

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Riding or cycling on a mountain is different from flat tracks. You may find uneven paths, steep slopes, and tight curves. Such as adventurous journeys demand specialized mountain electric bikes. The ebikes with enhanced suspension, more power, control, and fat tires – features uncommon in simple electric bikes.

An electric full suspension mountain bike is designed for an entirely different riding experience. Firstly, it has a full suspension system (front and rear), also called soft-tail suspension. Moreover, its equipped with fat tires that provide increased road traction. More, importantly, it has more motor power, which provides a decent amount of torque for ascending the slope.



For an electric bike, particularly a mountain bike, motor power is the key performance indicator. Higher power means more capability to run over tough terrain and ascend mountains. We can use a 1000W hub motor or mid motor, which is also a decent power.


In an adventurous journey, like mountain riding, you need a companion that keeps pushing till the end. It’s the battery’s assistance that keeps you moving seamlessly. Usually, a larger watt-hour battery provides more range. We can use 48V 20AH battery cells.





Full suspension is a necessity in mountain electric bikes. This suspension comprises of front fork suspension under the handlebar and a rear shock absorber underneath the seat.


Key Points for A Full Suspension Mountain Electric Bike


Motor Power: Opt. for higher power for better performance.

Battery: Choose a high-capacity battery for extended range.

Tires: Look for thick tires.

Full-Suspension: Ensure both front and rear suspensions are robust.

Hydraulic Brakes: Prioritize a strong hydraulic braking system.


All in all, it will depend mainly on what you plan to do with your electric bike, as well as your own experience and preferences.