What Kind of E-bike Frame Should I get?

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The electric bike frames help you get the ride you require faster, more comfortable, and durable in handling different terrains. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the perfect frame for your e-bike, depending on various aspects.


Importance of an E-bike frame

When purchasing or building an e-bike, it is extremely important to consider what type of frame to purchase. The material and frame design of the e-bike will influence its durability, shock absorption, stability, and load capacity.


What are some of the best e-bike frame materials to choose from?

Various e-bike frame materials are available on the market, we have listed a few commonly found materials.

  • Aluminum e-bike frames

E-bike frames made of aluminum are among the most popular structures available in the e-bike industry.  Using aluminum e-bike frame materials is easy to set up, lightweight, robust and affordable. These frame materials provide e-bike performance that is good enough for an average or casual e-bike cyclist.


There are two types of Aluminum materials available in the market. A 6601 Aluminum Alloy is the most common material used for e-bike frame construction. It is more cost-effective and easy to work with than the other aluminum.


The second type is the 7005 Aluminum Alloy, which is not so common but is stronger and more corrosion resistant than the 6601 Aluminum.


  •  Steel e-bike frames

E-bike frames made with steel material were once prevalent but have started to fall out year after year. This is because other alternative frame materials are improving their quality day by day and becoming more popular.

However, steel is more long-lasting than aluminum and more convenient than other e-bike frame materials like titanium or carbon fiber. In fact, when we compare a steel frame to any other material, we get to know that it is the most instantly repaired e-bike frame material and also more shock resistant. E-bike frames made of steel are popular among cross-country cyclists because of the heavy shock resistance they offer.

  • Titanium e-bike frames

While remaining unpopular among the regular e-bike frame-making industries, the titanium frame material works best for those who want to build a customized e-bike. Titanium qualities are nearly the same as steel. Still, the material is more resistant to corrosion and the strongest among all the e-bike frame materials available across the market.


  • Carbon Fiber e-bike frames

The ultimate and the most innovative e-bike frame material that currently exists among the frame-making industries. The carbon fiber brings carbon sheets together by sticking them with a mold resin. This means no metal is involved in these types of e-bike frames. It is almost as long lasting as steel and titanium. It weighs much lighter and comes with many custom options. This e-bike frame material is more prevalent among those who need lightweight racing, extended travel, or a mountain bike.


How to choose your desired e-bike frame material?

There are some necessary aspects to consider while choosing your desired e-bike frame material.


  • Budget

The most noteworthy thing to consider when buying an e-bike frame is the budget you can afford. Aluminum e-bikes are the most affordable option available. However, these bikes do not last more than 5 years due to their durability but can work best if appropriately taken care of. 

  • Weight

If you are very tall and heavyweight, then a carbon fiber e-bike frame is not for you. This is because it is exceptionally lightweight and has more chances of breaking than other frames available. Therefore, if you are more on the heavy or taller side, consider buying steel or aluminum e-bike frame material.


What is our recommend?

We use aluminum materials, these model can do 26”,27.5” and 29”. This shape looks fashion and it is easy to set up, lightweight, robust and affordable.




For carbon fiber frame material, it is usually expensive, for common people, it isn’t a cost effect way to choose. But we have another method that can help you get a frame similar to carbon fiber frame. We adopt this technical, make the frame look very smoothly and no welding. More beautiful and more sleek.



All in all, it will depend mainly on what you plan to do with your electric bike, as well as your own experience and preferences, whether you should pick an aluminum, steel, titanium, or carbon fiber frame. Finally, good luck with the buying!